California Energy Commissions mandates that all newly constructed, existing buildings with additions and/or alterations within California comply with the Building Energy Efficiency standards highlighted within Title 24, Part 6.

Energy Compliance forms are required during submission of plans and permitting process to the California Building department. To show compliance, the most up-to-date and complex computer software certified by the California energy commissions are used to perform and simulate the calculations.

These calculations are based upon several inputs such as wall and roof insulation types, water heater and AC unit types, alongside fenestration sizes and characteristics, to name a few. We work diligently to make sure your project design is optimal, by ensuring compliance while being cost effective. Our engineers worked on hundreds of projects every year and have taken special care for each case, and we will assure you that yours will be as quick, efficient and affordable.


Title 24 for Houses (New, Addition, Alteration), ADU, & Multi-family Units

Title 24 reports will be E-mailed in a 24" x 36" PDF format containing different sheets, depending on the size of the project. CalCERTS (or HERS) registration will also be performed after plan check correction to reflect the most up-to-date plans before registration. Once a confirmation email has been sent out, the Title 24 calculations will be sent back to you in 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).
All the below-mentioned fees include free plan check corrections and CalCERTS registration after plan check corrections. For project plan changes performed after the Title 24 calculation PDF was sent, a change order will be place. The change order fee will amount to 50-100% of the initial fee according to the amount of change. A confirmation email will be sent to verify all the changes before the newer calculation is performed.



0-1000 Square Foot 


1001-2000 Square Foot 


2001-4000 Square Foot


+4000 Square Foot

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2-4 Units 


5-8 Units


9-16 Units


+16 Units

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Title 24 for Houses (New, Addition, Alteration), ADU, & Multi-family Units

To request a Title 24 calculation, please send the complete plans of the project in either PDF or CAD format to ensure accurate calculations and preparation.

What is needed from you:

  • A sheet containing the full scope of work showing the correct S.F. of each portion, and the full address of the project
  • Full detail of designer name with their address and contact information
  • Complete floor plans (Existing & Addition projects should be including existing portion as well, with their respective window location and sizes)
  • Elevation Views To show floor type (Raised w/crawlspace, raised w/o Crawlspace, Raised Concrete, or Slab-on-Grade) and roof type (With or without attic), alongside floor heights.
  • Correct building orientation (Direction of North arrow)
  • Complete Window and Door schedule with their tags reflected on the floor plans or elevations.

For more complex projects, additional information might be required and we will contact you for further details. Please note that the last page of the certification of compliance showing the designer information should include their own signature to be considered a valid sheet.

Feel free to contact us regarding any additional information or questions. 

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